If you’re tied to a full time job it can be hard to see how to make your dream of traveling the world with your family a reality.

We wasted years, putting it off and making excuses…

The kids are too young. We don’t have enough money. What about school?

Until one day, we realised that things would never be ideal and if we carried on waiting for the “right time” to go… we never would. The kids would grow up and leave home, and we’d have missed out on our only opportunity to explore the world with them.

So we took a leap of faith and jumped… and we’re so glad we did.

With money being the main excuse people use as to why they can’t pack up and travel tomorrow I thought I’d share with you some of the tried and tested ways that we, and other families, make money whilst traveling the world, so you can do it too.


1:  Teaching English As A Foreign Language

There are thousands of opportunities to teach English all around the world. You don’t need to be a qualified teach to do it either! Just take a TEFL qualification here in the UK (around £300) and you’ll be able to teach as you travel.  

2: Freelancing or Consulting

If you’ve got digital skills then you’re in luck! From graphic design, video editing and web development, to social media marketing or CAD. If you can deliver your service remotely then you can easily shift into freelancing and continue to earn as you go. It’s no different to working from an office… it’s just your office can be on a beach.

3: Copywriting or Blogging

My personal favourite, as it plays a key part in our travel lifestyle. If you can write, then you can travel. Copywriters provide the written text to other companies, for anything from websites and blogs to brochures and email campaigns. If you can find the right clients you can have a regular income that you can earn from anywhere in the world.

4: Running a Membership Website

A great way to earn a residual income! If you have an interest or a talent that other people are interested in you can turn it into a money making machine. There are people making many thousand’s of pounds, creating courses and membership sites that teach people what they know. From hobbies like how to improve your golf swing, to skills such as how to use Instagram to get more clients… share what you know and you could make a great, remote income.

5: Running Online Shops

Running a shop no longer means large investments and having inventory. With thousands of dropshippers willing to package and ship their items direct to your customers, all you need to do is sell the products! There are even template shops all set up ready for you, available for a small monthly fee. So you drive traffic to your online shop and make sales. The dropshipper handles the rest and you get paid!


6: Teaching Online

If you’d prefer something a little more like a job, then this could be for you. If you’re happy to work for an hourly wage then teaching online is a great solution. There are companies out there looking for smart, reliable tutors to work remotely for them. Usually you’ll be teaching English as a foreign language, or if you’re qualified in something else like Maths or Science you can teach that too. You’ll be paid an hourly rate but you can work from wherever you choose to be in the world.

7: Working As A Virtual Assistant

If you’re super organised then this is the job for you! Work remotely, supporting small business owners with their admin tasks such as data input, diary management and appointment booking. You’ll usually be paid an hourly fee by your clients, but as you’re self employed you can negotiate a rate and hours that work for you.  It’s like a PA… but from a distance.

8: Network Marketing

If you’re great at networking then there’s no shortage of multi-level marketing opportunities available out there. From makeup and health products to utilities and cleaning products. Just sign up as a distributor and sell their stuff for a commission. You can them build a team below you and you make a percentage of everything they sell too. It’s on the list as it is possible to make money with it remotely, however it can take a long time to build up, so if this is your choice you best get started now!

9: Property Rental

Renting out property, whether it’s your home on airbnb or a property you bought to let, is a great way to make money while you roam free. If you’ve got some capital behind you, or you’re willing to allow people into your home then this could be the ideal money solution for you.

10: Managing a Bricks & Mortar Business Remotely

If like us, you have a real, bricks and mortar business already up and running, then with a few changes, it fund your travel lifestyle too. You might have to think outside the box and perhaps take a hit on your profit margins by employing more staff, but just because your business needs to be at home doesn’t mean you have to be too.
So what are you waiting for? Take the leap! If you don’t get started on something today when will you?

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