I had this great idea that we’d make the most of Christmas this year before we go away and that the kids would come Christmas shopping with me. I don’t know what was wrong with me that day. I had visions of us all wrapped up in our coats and hats, merrily skipping into and out of shops, radiating Christmas cheer with big, lovely smiles on our faces. I think perhaps I let the gas run too long on the hob or something.

You see, I have boys. Boys don’t do shopping! Well at least mine don’t anyway.

They weren’t naughty, well not really, but it wasn’t the happy, chirpy shopping trip I imagined.

Josh followed me round with his hood up and a teenage face that said, I’m not going to complain but this is not fun.

Jake decided his legs were tired and he needed a rest. In every shop.

We went to a cafe to get a nice drink. Bad plan. Jake then decided he was no longer tired and that the cafe was boring and the best way to remedy this was to put his wellies on his hands and sit upside down on the sofa.

I’m not even sure we bought any presents??

Anyway, lesson learned. I’m going on my own next week.

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