This is Lucinda Dawes aka Mum

The planner, organiser & entrepreneur of the family. Lucinda is ambitious, smart and witty. Like most mums, she worries a little too much, especially when the boys are teetering on the edge of things! You’ll often find her sunbathing by a pool reading a business book! She loves everything Harry Potter, yoga, sunshine, working out and eating healthy food. Her mission is to inspire and enable other families to travel the world. The bucket list adventure she is most excited about is staying in a water bungalow.

This is Alan Dawes aka Dad

The rock that holds us all together. Alan is calm, fearless and gives us a little stability in an otherwise crazy life. He’s kind, funny and sometimes a little bit grumpy but we love him anyway. He’s up for anything, even eating bugs! A professional DJ, he loves music, photography and anything you can drive fast. You’ll usually find him editing our videos, building things on Minecraft with the kids or pacing the halls waiting to go out somewhere new! The bucket list adventure he is most excited about is snowmobiling.

This is Joshua

An avid adventure seeker, adrenaline sports lover and Minecraft gamer. He’s witty, caring and very clever. Sometimes he finds being on the road hard because being 13, he misses his friends, but most of the time he’s a lot of fun. You’ll usually find him climbing and balancing on things, playing with his little brother or pulling funny faces behind us in our selfies. The bucket list adventure he is most excited about is working with the sloths in Costa Rica. He LOVES sloths.

This is Jake

Jake is the kindest, calmest member of our family. He asks A LOT of questions, usually the hard kind to answer! He is unbelievably brave, silently competitve and sometimes a little impatient. His favourite things to do are swimming, playing Lego and climbing on his daddy. He’s always happy travelling but he does like to bring his furry friends; Brian, Monkey and Tiny Dog. He is a BIG fan of ice cream. The bucket list adventure he is most excited about is snorkeling.

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