So after a quick 4 week visit back to the UK we’re off again… this time to Croatia.

The Hand Luggage Challenge

The lead up to departure day went pretty much as planned. We packed Bessie up and tucked her into storage the day before our flight and then spent the night at my mum’s frantically printing boarding passes and insurance documents.

As we’re doing a road trip through Croatia and not just staying in one place, we’d decided it’d be best to travel hand luggage only. The idea of packing up 4 huge suitcases and 4 rucksacks full of stuff every 4 days was about as appealing as living in a caravan in England in November…oh wait.. We did that already!

Anyway, I’d figured that hand luggage only would be fine, so long as we packed cleverly and carefully. I made a spreadsheet (I love a spreadsheet!) with columns for each of us and every single item we could need listed so I could check it off as I packed… I know, I know my OCD organisation skills are sexy…

With the exception of a last minute shopping run to buy me some new trainers because my comfy ones suddenly decided not to be comfy the day before we travelled, the packing went very well.

It’s actually pretty amazing how much stuff you can fit in a small suitcase when you’re committed to it! We’ve even got wetsuits! I can’t go anywhere that would require me to look pretty but I do have a wetsuit…

Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover

So we hop into the car at 6.45am (urgh) and head up the motorway to Gatwick. We’re met by the parking guy who checks our car for dents and makes a note of them all (it took him a while!) and then took it away to park it for us. So far so good.

Jake and I got pulled at security. Apparently my mass of wires in my bag looked a bit sinister on the x-ray and Jake’s transformers looked like a deadly weapon. But a few minutes later we were on our way.

We chilled, grabbed a drink and then headed through to our departure gate. A few minutes sat by the gate and the silence was broken by a very large and noisy traveller family complete with Gucci tracksuits, fake tan and ridiculously beautiful long hair. There were literally about 30 of them…

I’m not really one for passing judgement based on prejudice but I have to say I felt a little uneasy. I suppose in the same way I would have done had there been a group of 30 football fans or 30 guys on a stag do…

Anyway as it happened my concerns were totally unfounded. The flight was calm and quiet, the kids were pretty reasonably behaved and with the exception of one of the men being denied entry at the passport desk in Croatia, the whole journey was trouble free. I guess that’s my lesson learned…

Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road… Again

Passport control was super slow as was the queue to get the hire car. But eventually we made it and set off on the 25 minute journey to our apartment in the centre of Split.

I have been a little bit nervous about driving on the right again but actually it seems it is a bit like riding a bike… on the wrong side of the road. It was easy and with the exception of a closed road on our way, which Al expertly navigated us around, it was pretty straight forward.

We arrived at our apartment and met our host, Andelika who was lovely and the kids made themselves at home. She showed us around the apartment and then spent ages circling things on a map so we knew where to go and what to see. The flat itself is very nice and in a brilliant location too. Split itself is amazing – full of ancient places to explore and stunning coastlines. 

Pretty much a win all round.

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