Our First Canarian Food Shop…

So, the second day in Tenerife and we decided it was time to explore the area… and find a supermarket.

Thanks to Google Maps we managed to find a Hiperdino supermarket just 2km away from the apartment so we hopped in the car and headed over there.

If you’re planning a trip to Tenerife I would highly recommend Hiperdino.

You’ll want to avoid the touristy supermarkets, especially in the south of the island as they are a massive rip off.

We once paid £4 for a jar of pasta sauce!

But Hiperdino was great.

Easy to park, great selection and a good price too.

All in all, it was much easier than I expected.

My Spanish was good enough that I could understand almost everything I needed to.

We found everything we wanted and Josh was especially thrilled to find a massive gluten free section too!

We meandered around the shop and picked up everything we needed (plus some thing we didn’t, like Spanish Jaffa Cakes, muffins and some weird biscuits).

Sometimes I just can’t argue with the kids about every single rubbish item they pick up in the shop.

I find it easier to buy it, then hide it in a cupboard that they can’t see.

It was really interesting to see how easy it is to pick up a language when you are immersed in it.

Of course everything was labelled in Spanish so as you walk around the shop you are constantly seeing the items next to the words.

It’s definitely the way to do it.

All in all it was good experience.

They even gave us plastic bags for free!

A word of warning though…

They do seem to sweeten everything!

From tinned tomatoes to frozen chips, loads of things seemed to have extra added sugar or sweeteners in so watch out and read the ingredients before you buy.

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