It’s a question I get asked a lot…

“So, how’s caravan life then?”

It’s often coupled with a certain look. Not always and not from everyone, but often. It’s an odd kind of combination look. Perhaps amusement, interest, fear and a little gloating all combined into one. It’s almost like people want to know how we’re doing, they’re interested in how it’s going but a little bit of them wants me to tell them it’s tough. That giving up a big, beautiful country house and living in a caravan in December is hard, that we’ve made a big mistake, that we miss normal life and that they are right to stay cozy in their comfort zones at home.

Well, if you’re one of the “lookers” I hate to tell you it’s not. Yes, we’re effectively homeless but it doesn’t feel like it. We’ve had some challenges and things are certainly different but all in all we’re doing great and we’ve settled in to our own kind of “normal”.

This new kind of normal includes:

  • Being forced to get out of my bed WAY too early because my bed also doubles as the table and Jake NEEDS his breakfast right now, really mummy I just can’t wait!
  • Really appreciating the toilet facilities everywhere we go. We have a toilet of course but you can’t beat a real flushing toilet and hot water!
  • Bathing at everyone’s house. I am now that person that rocks up to your house with a wash bag…
  • Becoming a one pot recipe guru. The oven doesn’t work so we’re eating hob cooked food only. It’s actually pretty good when you get into it. Less washing up too.
  • Finding places to go out every day because the caravan seems to shrink after lunch and the boys start doing the whole “he’s got his feet on me/he’s looking at me!” thing.
  • Bedtime has moved. I don’t know why but for some reason it’s now impossible to get anyone into bed before 9pm.
  • Date night has to be a regular occurrence. Living in a one room caravan with 2 kids means there’s little opportunity to hold an adult conversation…let alone partake in other adult activities if you know what I mean. 😉
  • There’s hardly anywhere to hide the fucking elf! I hate that thing. Every night I get snuggled into bed all toasty and warm then remember I haven’t done anything with the elf. Roll on Christmas so we can send him back to Santa!

But you know what? It’s still pretty cool. The things that aren’t perfect don’t matter and we’re having a ton of fun on the way.

I’ve not posted much recently as there hasn’t been much to report… and I didn’t know how to top my storm Angus post!

It’s been pretty hectic here with pre Christmas events. We’ve been making care packages for the homeless (which Josh found the irony in when he realised we’re a kind of homeless too). In the last couple of weeks we’ve been to the HDA Christmas Party, our home ed group’s Christmas party, our annual family Christmas get together and a birthday party –  and we still have 4 birthday parties (including my own) and my Mastermind Christmas do to go before we leave! (Keep an eye out for photos of Alan in a Bollywood costume coming soon!).

We’re both working flat out to get both businesses ready for our first trip. There’s still a lot to do but we’ll get it done. It just means that there’s not much time for sleeping right now.

But that’s ok because it’s ONLY 4 WEEKS TO GO!

Our first stop is Tenerife to escape the British winter. We’ve been planning some pretty cool stuff to do. Whale watching, snorkeling with turtles and volcano trekking are all pretty high on the list. Al was keen to do the single traveler’s boat trip but I suspect that was just because of girls in bikinis in the pics. Apparently my wellies,onesie and crazy Monica hair (my hair straighteners broke!!!) don’t quite compete! Oh well, I think I look hot anyway…

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