The Top 3 Museums To Visit With Kids in Tenerife

The last couple of weeks have been a bit cloudy and rainy here so we’ve had to venture beyond the beaches and find ways to entertain two young boys with tons of energy and fidgety legs.

There are lots of museums here and being located near the capital we’ve not had to go too far to find them. These are our top 3 so far…

Museo De Los Cosmos y Ciencias (The Science & Space Museum)

Located: In La Laguna San Cristobal

Parking: Plenty of free roadside parking.

Price: We paid 13 Euros for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Great for: Kids who like space or science and who need to run around and touch everything.

The best bit: Everything is interactive so there’s loads for the kids to engage with and do. From using a lever to lift a car to creating a mini tornado, the exhibits are fun and interesting. There’s even a section designed just for younger kids (under 6) with experiments that they will understand and be able to complete. There’s plenty of space and it was very quiet so no waiting around.

The worst bit: A lot of the exhibits only had Spanish instructions so if you don’t speak the lingo be sure to bring Google translate! The cafe is not so much a cafe but some tables alongside some vending machines.

In summary: We had a really great time here, it was affordable and easy to get to. The kids loved the exhibits, especially the photobooth that used augmented reality to turn them into movie stars and the scales that showed them what they would weigh on each planet. I would recommend a visit here.

Museo De La Naturaleza Y El Hombre (Museum of Nature & Man) 

Located: In Santa Cruz

Parking: Limited free roadside parking. Other car parks nearby.

Price: We paid 6.50 Euros per adult, 3.50 for Josh and under 8’s were free. If you visit on a Friday it’s totally free.

Great for: Kids who like bugs, bones and nature.

The best bit: Our favourite bit was the mummies. Real, wrapped up, mummies… hair and all! We also liked the room with a wall of skulls, the videos about the volcano and the drawers full of hundred’s of different bug species. All dead so you don’t have to worry!

The worst bit: It’s not very interactive so if you have boys like mine you may have to move round it at a fairly fast pace. There were rooms which looked like they should have had colouring pages and things for little kids to do but they were empty. The cafe was closed but I think this was because we were visiting late in the day.

In summary: We had a pleasant couple of hours here. If you’ve got a kid who loves nature they’ll be in their element. I’m not sure we’d want to spend a whole day here but I’d definitely pop in for a visit.

Museo Historico Militar De Canarias (Museum of Military History in The Canaries)  

Located: In Santa Cruz

Parking: Free Car Park.

Price: Free

Great for: Kids who like tanks, swords and tunnels.

The best bit: There’s loads of real helicopters, canons, vehicles and guns. The boys loved the tunnels too. These are part of the old gun battlements – make sure you go right to the end of them for a spooky surprise! There’s a nice little cafe overlooking the docks – If you want a cup of tea though be sure to ask for cold milk or you’ll get a tea latte!

The worst bit: It’s quite a big place (both indoor and outdoor areas) and there’s no maps showing you where to go or where to find everything. We just had to kind of bumble around until we found it all. It’s not very interactive so if you have young kids who need to touch things there’s not a huge amount for them to interact with.

In summary: We had a really good time here and I’d recommend it for a free day out. There’s loads to see and some fascinating info on the battle of Santa Cruz (which is when Nelson lost his arm!). There’s lots of outdoor space too so if you have boys that need to run (like I do) then they’ll have a good time too.

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