So What’s Home Schooling Really Like?

If I’m honest, the answer will probably vary depending on what day you ask.

Sometimes it’s a lot of fun.

Most days I’m so thankful I get to spend each day with them and raise them myself.

When I love the way they learn and play, and they have me in hysterics with the things they come out with.

When I couldn’t possibly imagine putting them in school again and letting someone else choose what they learn and who they become.

Then there’s the other days…

I’m sure you know the ones? I know every parent has them…

They can’t possibly share anything in any way because it’s not “fair”

They seem to “accidentally” hurt each other every 5 minutes but cannot apologise because “they didn’t do anything”

They can’t speak without whining (or grunting in the case of my 12yo).

And they manage to piss each other off just by breathing.

I cannot tell you how many times world war three has been narrowly averted due to someone taking apart someone else’s Lego men. It’s been close…

I’m not going to lie, there are days when I’d love to have a conversation with Alan when I can speak in full sentences. And the idea of having 6 whole hours a day when I could pee without someone shouting “mum” through the door is very tempting!

But I wouldn’t change it for anything.

The change I’ve seen in my kids since taking them out of school has ensured that we won’t be enrolling them again.

They’re happier and more confident.

They’re actually interested in learning new things and their education is no longer something they HAVE to do but quite often something they WANT to do.

We don’t follow the national curriculum (I think it’s totally out of date) so this gives us the freedom to work on the skills and topics they are interested in, when they are interested in them.

We’ve the time and freedom to help them learn HOW to learn, not just to memorize facts and we can work around their individual learning styles.

Whether we’re working around Jake’s need to read his books whilst doing headstands on the sofa or trying to keep up with Josh’s fast pace of learning, home schooling give us the opportunity to do what’s best for our kids.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.





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